About Ana P. Rose

Hi, I’m Ana. Welcome to my blog. I write all types of things, but especially weird things. Not everything I write relates to me as anything, and anyone can be my muse. I am currently writing my first book, and it’s taken me years to make the final draft for many reasons that perhaps I’ll get into later. For now, enjoy my free verse poems, micro-fiction, and short stories, and at times my thoughts on what’s going on in culture or on something I learned. Contact me on my social media. Want to collaborate? Let me know. We can work on something.

I am hoping to publish the traditional way. So join me on my journey.

I am born and raised Californian, and I speak, read, and write fluently both English and Spanish. I’m also learning French on Duo Lingo, and I still can only catch a word here and there.

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