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Hello, Everyone! Thanks to my new followers. I have some announcements on my writing projects, both the fun ones and for my Master’s thesis at school.

I am in the process of taking Literary Pedagogy class and preparing for a state examination to start work soon. And that’s the reason I’ve taken a few weeks off my writing projects. I like to do everything in steps so that I don’t get too overwhelmed. Plus, I have the whole summer for me to write. Yay!

Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth

I am working on a story called Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth. She’s loosely based off of me when I was younger, but she is her own character. Her name is Earth, in her late 20’s, and she is quite bitter about life and love. I have about 60,000 words total, and 10,000 “edited” words out of the 60,000.

Earth is a very large (obese) woman, and she copes with self-loathing, low-self esteem, and she is a self-proclaimed “asexual.” However, her younger brother who transfers as a psychology major to a four-year college is skeptical about her asexuality. He believes she’s just sexually frustrated.

She had a few plans of her own after graduating with a business degree, especially attempting to lose weight and find love—not that she won’t be able to with the unplanned events. Yeah, she’s “asexual” right. When she arrives home, after graduating, Earth’s parents surprise  her by making her the head of the family business. She has the degree for it, so they feel she’s fully capable.

The parents have their luggage  prepared to leave as soon as she steps into the house. Their “vacation” time will be for a year. Earth feels a bit betrayed because no one communicated these plans to her. So she stays at her parent’s nice home with her three cats and in charge of the family business, which makes her even more bitter about life.

Living with An Introvert

Living with an Introvert offers an informal and simple approach on seven different types of introverts—a quite reserved person who retreats and dwells in their mind: the secret introvert, the stubborn introvert, the happy introvert, the ashamed introvert, the unconscious introvert, the shy introvert, and the antsy introvert. I am still working on these titles. I’ll explain what they mean later in a different blog.

Other Projects

I’m also writing an ebook, a collection of nonfiction stories about introverts, that I will be giving out for free!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love writing fiction short stories too. So I’ll be posting some here, and others I’m preparing a book collection.

So try to stay tuned!

On a different project


Screenshot (86)

Master’s Thesis

I’m beginning my Master’s thesis research this summer break on Miguel Angel Asturias, a Guatemalan Nobel Prize winner, poet, diplomat, novelist, playwright, and journalist. I’m mainly concentrating on his book called, Hombres de Maiz or Men of Maiz.

Even though I am a fluent Spanish speaker, though shamefully admitting not that great with writing in Spanish, this will be my first English major project where I will be reading in Spanish a lot.

And I admit that I read two sentences from Hombres de Maiz, and I thought, “what have I gotten myself into?” I’m sure I’ll end up buying the translation in English to read both copies. A few friends have told me, “you have time to switch your thesis.” But I am thinking, “no way! Bring it!”

I like to challenge myself and my brain. There’s no point in engaging with easier things. I gain nothing from it. I know this will help my Spanish writing, (but I’ll be doing most of my thesis in English), and I will learn about a great writer.

My father mentioned Asturias to me a few times, but I never really gave him too much thought until now. So I am looking forward to it, especially since he was very big on magical realism, and his work also has surrealism influence. For now, my knowledge on Asturias is limited and fragmented. Nonetheless, the plan is to move from a novice to an “expert” on his work.

This concludes my writing projects. I hope you’re interested in one or the other. If you like all of the subjects, even better. Thank you. Have a great memorial day! I welcome suggestions and ideas by the way. So feel free to throw them at me.

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