Whispered Words: “Be Genuinely Human.”

11224716_1716185141947853_8709021044415564224_nHello, everyone. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I wasn’t going to blog today because I have too much to do. However, I woke up this morning whispering the words, “be genuinely human.” After I was fully awake, I realized how puzzling these words were to me. Why not, “be a genuine person?” No, instead, “be genuinely human.”

I believe that sometimes God sends us messages through dreams. But, I also think that sometimes we send ourselves messages through dreams too. Or other times, they’re just utterly meaningless. And finally, I think too much!

Either which way, I liked the words. They were good words to ponder on. Then I started asking more questions, does it mean: Be a genuine person as a whole? Be more in touch with my humanity? Be more honest?

Believe it or not, I went to research the word human. I, of course, arrived at the scientific angle. Though the history of human beings, and the much-heated debates about it, is interesting, that still didn’t satisfy whatever I was looking for on the internet.

In conclusion, I have no idea what the words mean or if they’re meaningless. But I like them. Part of being human is to have empathy for others. So I’ll probably stick to that definition. And maybe I’m also telling myself to do more on this earth. Possibly I just need to do more.

Little acts of kindness should be the norm for us, not a state of, “wowness” such as, “Wow, I was nice.” Viewing little acts of kindness as something normal may push us to do even bigger and more significant ones. And perhaps that also means, “be genuinely human.” Who knows.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts!

Whispered words: “Be Genuinely Human.”


9 thoughts on “Whispered Words: “Be Genuinely Human.”

  1. that’s very unique! and i like it. kinda feels like it resonates ‘ just be you’. Often times we can be confused with who we are and so to just BE that person..well.. it can be a struggle to fully get there. i think the genuine part could mean take away that insecurity and doubt and be without hesitation and MEAN it. oh i donno, im just suppoing all this. hehehe

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  2. Good read Rose, yes ..in those small realizations..the search for being ‘Human’ may culminate paving the way for a universal humanity! My poem ” who you made happy today” echoes a similar tone…of being Humane! Like your reflection.

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  3. Sometimes it helps me to think about what the opposite of a concept would be in order to understand the concept. What would it mean to be ungenuinely human? Be falsely human? To show only a human façade? I think you’re right that being “genuinely human” is strongly connected to empathy and being connected to the rest of humanity. How we think, feel, and act at all times. Through and through. With no tiny spaces of emptiness kept secret.

    Maybe that’s what Native Americans meant when they spoke about someone being a “human being” and not just a person. Or the term mensch. Have you given it much thought since your dream? Have you had any insights?

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    1. Actually, since that week, I have not thought about it. However, a reminder of it is quite intriguing because those words were important to me. And thinking the opposite is quite intriguing. For now, it remains of a bit of a conundrum. Thank you for all your statements. I’ll ponder more on them. 😊

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