Veggie Burrito: Neither A Health Nut nor an Unhealthy Eater

Hello, Everyone. I am writing a quick post here. Trying to do a post once a week at least. This one is on my lunch, today! To being with, I am not necessarily a health nut—not a vegan or vegetarian. However, the thought of it has been flirting in my mind. We’ll see. For now, I’m attempting to have at least one meal that consists ONLY of veggies and or fruits—no meat. At some point, my main meal though will be what I call “average meal” still minding my portions.

veggie burrito I

I am a person that fluctuates with weight a lot. I know, not a good thing. I am trying to think of my new “diet” as feeding what my body needs instead of listening to the “ID” or the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends– OR my beast–that ferocious monster hunting for food.

I really LOVE food. So it’s difficult to reject something that is a bit unhealthy, especially if it looks delicious; it’s difficult not to go for second servings too.

Yesterday, though, I stumbled on this video from the Light Twins VLOGS on Youtube. They’re two brothers promoting a vegan lifestyle. I got curious and checked it out. One thing that stayed with me is the phrase they mentioned, “eat what your body needs.”

What body needs? I eat what I want. And eat what I like. Although it might seem obvious, feeding my body what it needs is a better concept–for me anyway. It helped to illustrate a picture of another ME. A ME asking for help. I like to help my family and friends and be there for people. But I never picture ME as needing help. Many times, our ME needs spiritual, physical, and or mental guidance, and we neglect the ME a lot.

veggie burrito IIAs mentioned, I’m neither a health nut nor an unhealthy eater. Nonetheless, at times, I do go on binges where my thought process (or ID) is, “eh, whatever. For today, it’s okay. Munch. Munch. Munch.” Then I complain about it.

Since yesterday, I have tried to keep in mind: FEED WHAT MY BODY NEEDS. NOT WHAT MY EYES OR TASTE BUDS ARE LONGING FOR. HELP MY OTHER ME. (Hopefully, not a looney kind of way. But you know what I mean.)

veggie burrito IIISo I’m sharing a few pictures of my delicious veggie burrito & the recipe. I hope you try it. Enjoy!

And feel free to comment and give me any other delicious ideas on healthy food.

How do you cope with your beast (those hunger cravings that won’t leave you alone)?

Lastly, I wrote this blog while listening to DNCE. Love all their singles. (And BRAVA Ashley Graham for the lead role in the video “Tooth Brush” by DNCE. I’ll blog about it later.) Cheers!

Veggie Burrito: Neither A Health Nut nor an Unhealthy Eater




(Cook approx. 15 to 20 minutes)

1 flour tortilla, 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, green onions (as much as you want. I used 4).

Olive oil, black pepper, salt, onion salt, 1 lime, & a teaspoon of the goya (see picture below.)








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  1. Cool, when I start feeling physically I’ll, I avoid eating salt. For sweets, 1/4 of anything.
    My body starts feeling better like that.

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