The Glory Days Are Gone?


My Dad and Mom have many siblings.

But might as well be called an only child.

Where is that sweet loving uncle?

Where is that adorable and loving aunt?11224716_1716185141947853_8709021044415564224_n

Where is their family?

Where is the family?


My cousins or brothers will be there.

But they only live in the past.

When childhood touched us with innocence.

No pride, jealousy, envy, or bitterness.

Naturally the green trees and lawn at our feet.

The baseball bats & gloves in our glory.


No attachment to any grandparent.

Didn’t know two of them, the grandfathers.

Wrote a letter and talked to one grandmother.

But she’s gone now—and yet she remains a stranger.

One left, but we scarcely talk—simply at a distance.

About 1,600 miles flight away to a foreign place.


I think, “Life isolated us.”

No, that was not life.

Effort, Discipline, and Work Ethic—

Placed us in a different world.

God created a different road for us.

Imperfect steps but pushing through.

Tossing the victimization card afar.Screenshot (160)


You despised that path.

And decided to drink away–

Somehow, now, your faults are ours.

We parted ways, unwillingly.

But you were more willing.

The glory days are gone.

However, I welcome new ones.

Will you? Ever?


You think I don’t drop tears?

I do. I let them clean my soul and heart.

I wipe my eyes to see clearly.

But you cry to abstain from clarity.

To let it cloud your soul and heart.


The glory days are gone.

However, I welcome new ones.

Will you? Ever?

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