Get Off the Phone A Bit

1453699580640Turn the (insert whatever you want here) phone off! Seriously, get off the phone when you are spending time with your sweetheart, friends, or family. I’m not saying we can’t occasionally check our phone. But you’re not going to die if you put your phone down for a date, a movie, a game, or dinner (especially for meals, please! How rude). If we did die from putting our phones down, then I would be blogging about, “don’t put your phone down, you could die.”

The first time I realized that a phone can hinder a relationship was when I was tried to pet my dog while being on the phone. Her name is Lita. Well, not on Lita’s time. That’s why I took a picture of her and me. She demanded that I get off the phone for a full pet massage and “kissies” attention.

If an animal is smart enough to know that a phone can detour someone’s full concentration and attention from them, imagine human beings? Our human emotions are so much more complicated. And if you want to avoid headaches, especially the fellas, just give her your undivided attention. I am single, so this isn’t aimed at any particular male. (hahah) It’s just common sense.

Even I have allowed the phone to consume my life at times. But this should not be. In the end, it’s an artificial intelligence (AI) allowing you to communicate, which is fine. Nonetheless, not all the time. And don’t even get me started with people who text and drive, especially because I feel it’s their fault why traffic gets congested…sighs…how selfish. That and they provoke accidents.  (Now going on a rant. I know.) 😀

Please, let us not allow technology to interfere with our relationships. They’re not always going to be around. So let’s respect our loved ones by granting them our full attention.

I’m a 90’s kid, and I remember the time when only teenagers (when they went through that phase) blocked the world out. Now adults do it too. Our society is slowly turning into a teenager display. Let’s leave that to the teenagers when they’re going through that phase.

I’m aware that this blog concentrated more on what we call rant or complaint. However, I hope it still brings to light a good point about phones and communication–because phones do ruin relationships–and traffic.


Screenshot (175)
Get off your phone a bit. You’ll see the difference almost instantly. Trust me.




11 thoughts on “Get Off the Phone A Bit

  1. I doubt this point can ever be stressed enough. So true. And you see it every single day. It’s disturbing and I am fearful for the future children growing up in this enviornment. There is not a lot we can do except the only thing. And that is doing just what you have explained in this post. Thank you:)

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  2. I have my laptop and I have a flip phone (anybody remember what they are?) and I only watch baseball on TV. I grew up with a crank phone on the wall with a 12 party line. Miraculously, we survived all the horrible things that they tell us will happen to us if we are not instantaneously connected to the entire world. I pray to see us come full circle with all this media stuff and sit down to supper with nothing but food and family conversation.

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  3. I’m with you on the driving and texting. If you want to risk your life then go for it. but don’t risk everyone else. When I was single and dating frequently I had one unspoken rule – if the phone came out I wouldn’t say anything, I wouldn’t cause drama, I’d continue and hopefully have a good time, however there would absolutely not be a second datel.

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