Wow 200 Likes

Recently, I hit 200 likes on my blog! Incredible. I was expecting 0 likes. I know I’ve mentioned this to all my followers in a previous blog when I reached 100 likes. I’m very thankful to God. My followers brought me great joy today. Thank you! 😀200 likes
I mainly started blogging because in my CW Sem: Religious Audiences class many of my peers, guest speakers, Dr. Bentz, and other people highly recommended blogging.
The other reason I began writing a blog is due to my fear of showing my work to anyone. But at APU my professors have helped me break this barrier (and many other obstacles) since we have to discuss/show what we write to our peers and professors too of course.
This encourages me to work on my flaws. And this summer break I will analyze/scrutinize my writing. There are many things I still need to improve. However, the tools of a writer are writing and reading.
For my blog, I try to concentrate on writing informal blogs and adding a bit of what I’m learning in general.
When I first initiated the idea of writing on WordPress, I thought, “who is going to want to read my blog. And what the heck am I going write about?” Well, apparently, I have things to say that others care about, and I am so thankful to all my followers. You overwhelmed my heart with joy today, especially since it’s been such a stressful week.
I feel completely dumbfounded to see the difference between action and fear. So let’s act more than fear. And I have to admit to myself that I can’t achieve perfection without hard work and great effort. And that’s okay. (So many “ands” LOL! But life is all about “ands”: “and this” “and that”).
Remember, Little successes lead to great ones!

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  1. Congrats, I love your site setup. We write for different reasons. I’m hoping someone will read my stuff and contact me and offer me a million bucks for my memoirs…..but that hasn’t happened yet. So, I am perfectly content to write just because it feeds my soul. If, along the way, someone else is inspired by what I say, then that too is a good thing.

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