Phat Not Fat & Ugly

I’m currently writing a novel on a character named Earth, and the name of the story is Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth. Hopefully, when I am ready to publish, I can keep the title. I left the story aside for a couple of weeks because I have too much to do. Nonetheless, I will try to write a bit every day from now on (fingers crossed). My aim is to attempt to tell her story from a “comedic” perspective.

Earth is 29 years old, well-educated, tall and obese, and quite secluded. She considers herself asexual because she has not been able to find love thus far, but that remains to be seen. She is quite insecure and has her reasons on why she’s bitter. Okay, that was a brief introductory to Earth.

Now, the following short scene is a memory Earth remembers about her childhood—about 12 years old. She used to love singing and was part of her church’s choir. On a little break from singing, she ends up eavesdropping on her bandmates who also took a break from the choir while the church continues in session. (This is still in progress, but I wanted to write about it anyway.)


This is hilarious!



“Okay, how about…and wait for it…” Marco imitated the sound of drums and said, “how about Earth!”

“Dude, that’s disgusting. I mean. She’s a great singer. But no!” Danny crinkled his face and pretended to gag. They both laugh.

“Oh come on. At least it’s not Sister Helen,” said Marco barely containing his speech. He bent over and held onto his abdomen.

Earth flushed. She didn’t know what to do. She could not let them hear that she was listening to them. She was too embarrassed, and her heart and mind were racing. Should she say something? Or perhaps tell her parents or the pastor?

“Okay, you know the only way I’d do Earth,” said Danny while he wiped his forehead with a white towel. The laughter suddenly stopped.

“Dude how,” said Marco full of wonder. He stood up from his uncontrollable laughter and massaged his bouncy red curls.

Earth put her hand over her mouth and shut her eyes tightly. She wanted to burst into tears. But she needed to save her own face. She decided that no one would find out about this conversation. Her feet wanted to run as far as possible into a different land.

“I’d put a bag over her ugly face,” said Danny. A hoard of laughter followed.

Earth’s heart skipped. She held on to her chest and forgot about the tears. Their words pierced something deeper in her and uncovered a whole new world—a world of body image and shame.

Alright, I know this is scene is a bit fragmented and unfinished, but hopefully, it gets the point across. Although my character Earth is entirely different from who I am (the writer), that particular experience I do share with her. I wrote that scene because some cruel young man said that about me when I was much much younger, “I’d put a bag over her ugly face.” It happened quite differently. But the words were the same. Screenshot (200)

It was hurtful, and it still bothers me to think about it. Most of all, it bothers me to think about how many young women, especially teenagers, feel insecure and bad about themselves because some jerk told them they were ugly.

Throughout life, many of us, endure hurtful words. I’m surprised to discover how many people actually go out of their way to hurt someone. But their words are shallow and come from a place of insecurity.

What’s a beautiful face with an ugly soul? That, an ugly soul. Are there people that are much more attractive than the average person? Yes, of course. However, good looks and or a perfect body isn’t everything. And by that, I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with working on your image.

Do you want to lose weight? Good, do it in a healthy fashion, and do it for you. No one else. Do you want to dress nicer? That’s okay too, but all that is meaningless if we don’t care for our soul/spirit and mind.

We have to be careful because our advertisement, media, and society are always telling us how to be prettier and better from an exterior and shallow perspective. But let’s also focus on our interior. Most recommend exercising until you die because it keeps you healthy and improves your body and the mind too. Why not keep growing as a human being? I know that I sure need improvement in many aspects of my life to be a better person.

Are there words that someone has told you that changed your life? Whether positive or negative. Please feel free to share. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a piece of your book in this blog. And thank you for sharing one of your life experiences. You are truly beautiful inside and out. Good luck to you.

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