Blogger Recognition Award II

Springstart@life: Kamakhya also nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am truly grateful, and I appreciate all my writer colleagues for this support. I feel truly blessed! I’ll copy and paste the link where I followed all the rules for this award. Thank you so much. Also, I don’t mind giving out shout outs to new bloggers. I’m fairly new myself, so I understand the support means a lot. Have a great week!

Kamakhya’s Link:

My link (Ana P. Rose):

Fun Facts: I love playing L4D (Left4Dead). It’s a zombie game where I get to shoot…well, zombies. Also, I love soccer or football as most of you know!  Admittedly, I do get pretty crazy. So forgive my tweets at times. “What hell ref!” Lol. I’m so excited that Portugal won the Eurocup 2016 with their captain Cristiano Ronaldo. 🙂

Have a great day. What’s your favorite sport? Who’s your favorite athlete? Or what’s your fun fact? Tell me!

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