What Are Your Social Medias?

So how many social medias do I have? I don’t know. Let’s check it out.

  1. WordPress
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Linkedin
  6. Youtube
  7. Google+
  8. Snaptchat (fairly new to this. I’m still working my way around.)
  9. Line
  10. Skype

Do these count?

  1. Spotify
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Texting
  4. Hangouts
  5. Whatsapp

I probably have more that I don’t remember, and others I don’t use. I tune in once in a blue moon. Lol

My favorite one is WordPress because it consists of writing and blogging, and I love the community here. I also like Instagram and Twitter to share my pictures or thoughts with people. Why? I don’t know. I used to hate it, and I fought it for a LONG time. But I finally got desensitized and or conditioned. So it seems quite normal to me now. I used to call it the “celebrity complex.” I try to take time away from the social media, but I hate not replying to people. The more the followers, the more complicated it gets because it’s impossible to respond to everyone, unfortunately.  😦 Screenshot (175)

My least favorite one is Facebook. I talk to very few people there, and most of them are people I’ve hung with or spoken to in the past.  The closest people to me are not into social media, well, except my father. He loves Facebook. I mainly use Facebook to read on health, look at puppies or kittens, and I check out different communities such as for introversion or read random things I’m curious about. I don’t care to spy on anyone, so unless they come up on my newsfeed, I don’t know what they’re up to these days.

And I have Spotify or CloudSound for various things, like cleaning the house, studying, reading, researching, writing, and exercising. I keep the sound low for most activities except for cleaning and exercising.

What are your social medias? And why are we into so many social medias? Is it just me?! What have we done!?

Listening to DNCE, ToothBrush. Cheers!


22 thoughts on “What Are Your Social Medias?

  1. WordPress is my favorite by far. Facebook has been great for keeping in touch with family and friends. I use to use Twitter pretty regularly, but now my blog posts just automatically post there and that’s it. I should get back to tweeting because it did bring me some readers and I got interviews with several high profile outlets, including an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I have LinkedIn, but never use it. I have Pinterest also, but primarily use it to find funny, but not cruel, memes about mental illness. That’s it for me.

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  2. WordPress is a favorite and I love Twitter & Instagram. I have a GoodReads account that I love and I also enjoy YouTube and Pinterest. I do like listening to podcasts and I keep in contact with some via Twitter.

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