Randon Conversations #1: Slippers in the Middle of the Road

Hello, everyone! How are you? I wrote a very “short story” out of some random conversation. This is mainly to practice writing and increase creativity. I hope you like it. You ought to give it a try. I was surprised with what I wrote. It’s not supposed to be this, “Oh! It’s amazing writing!” Instead, it helps, as mentioned, with creativity and writing. Good day! What do you do to practice your creativity or to get those hands typing away? Any suggestions? Thank you.

Slippers in the Middle of the Road

Patty came into her messy room and said, “you know, I always wondered why sometimes there were slippers in the middle of the road.” She munched on her cereal but chose to remain standing since she didn’t have where to sit in her small room, and I sat on the only chair in her room. Her furry black cat stretched on her bed; the one spot she could sit. But of course, she wasn’t going to bother her cat.

“Um what do you mean,” I said taking a quick glance at her. I borrowed her phone charger because I couldn’t find mine. Her dark hair looked flat and shiny.

“Well,” she says, taking a few pauses here and there to continue her cereal eating, “I went to get the mail and these two dogs were charging after some guys with slippers.” She now begins to laugh. I chuckle mainly because she’s laughing and spilling a bit of milk back in her cereal. I thought she looked even funnier because resembled a bum in her big faded patterned shorts and a large white shirt. A professional completely embracing her day off of work.

“Oh really,” I said returning my eyes to my phone’s battery.

“Yeah! Emily, you should have seen it. It was pretty funny. But I quickly called the humane society, though. You know those guys that live at that corner don’t seem very friendly. So I mainly called for the protection of the dogs. What if those idiots decide to hurt them. I mean, the dogs were having fun charging at them, like a game. But they weren’t necessarily attacking them. And those men could think they have rabies or something, especially because they looked scared out of their pants,” she said with a serious tone of a voice.

“Good call, that makes sense,” I said with a crooked smile and stared at my battery as if the staring would make it charge faster. What an obsession!

“And that’s when it hit me, people lose their slippers on the road because dogs chase them,” she said. We both laughed on a mundane day full of stress. The dog event had unlocked Patty’s curiosity on the meaning behind lost slippers in the middle of the road. The thought allowed our minds to distract a bit from real issues.

“I don’t know why people like to wear slippers or sandals. I wear boots or tennis shoes. I’m always ready to run,” I said with an assertive look.

Patty rolled her eyes and laughed. “You really should stop watching the news.”

“Indeed I should, and you should pick up your room. It’s filthy,” I said.

Without protesting against my comment, she nodded in agreement. She left the room chewing on the last of her cereal and took the bowl to the kitchen. I stared at all the clothes and electronics around her room and thought, “that still doesn’t make this room any cleaner.”

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