Follow up! Hello, Everyone.

Hello, everyone!

I finally got my Word up again. It expired, and well I had to downgrade to Word 7 for now. I do miss the new one. I also broke my phone, so I ordered a new phone. My phone truly helps me to keep in touch with all my social networks and followers. I have an outdated phone right, and it drives me nuts to use it often. The new one is taking forever to arrive due to a sudden “high demand.”  I pray it arrives pronto!

I’m hoping to blog soon about something else besides this one!

I won’t go into any particular details because I am still testing the waters, but I started this new career in sales.  It’s completely out of my comfort zone. However, I do like a challenge, and I hate giving up on something without at least failing first. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But my mind is, what if perchance I actually succeed in this new journey. I don’t know. Maybe.Screenshot (222).png

I told myself yesterday, “Ana, stop complaining. Make a decision. Either pursue it or don’t. But stop making yourself and everyone around you miserable.” So, with that in mind, this is a new week with a new mentality. Hopefully, my new mindset helps my conquer my fears of the business world.

My passion is writing and teaching. I have mostly concentrated on English tutoring. But I do aspire to teach some day at a college level or high school because it’s just something I would love to do.

This new job offers room for flexibility and an easier route to pay my student loans. The beginning is quite challenging, though, because as mentioned, I feel like a fish out of the water. The people or community of this company are quite patient and willing to mentor. We’ll see what happens. In the words of Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, from the movie Galaxy Quest, “Never give up! Never surrender!”

Also, I suppose because my brain is working a different part of the brain, I feel terribly tired. Oh yeah, and I have to commute about two hours for training. And let’s not even mention the ride back home…neverending torture—sloooooooooow traffic. But it’s only twice a week for three weeks. This is my second week of training. Scary! I pray that God helps me through this month!

Please leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and or advice. Have a good day! Or Night.

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  1. I prays everything works out best for you.
    I know those feelings which you describe as being fish out of water. I have been there and it takes months before I could adjust properly.

    Thanks for sharing this part of you. Remain ever blessed

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