Be the Best. Sleep. Pray.

My countenance expresses confidence and assertiveness—perhaps even carelessness.

Oh but I do care. I care so much, at times. Why?

I have a million thoughts doing the cliché thing—racing.

And am I mentally overwhelmed? Not really sure anymore. Not sure.

My thoughts conditioned me to believe that it’s normal to feel drained.

I walk around nonchalantly to the world, “normal.”

In the middle of the night, I feel antsy. Somewhat insecure.

So many possible failures.

So many possible successes.

Thirsty for so much more.

Longing for an influx of blessings.

Counting my current ones too.

Embracing the struggles like a fool.

Because they can be so much more, right?

Character. Patience. Perseverance.

More. So, so much more.

Trying to rest my mind.

Trying to think less.

Don’t stay behind.

Be the best.




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