Black Eyed Peas:”Where Is The Love? ft. the World

Hello, everyone. Today, I encountered the revamped version of “Where is the love” now featuring the World (“Where is the Love? Ft. the World”). I’m very happy that celebrities of different ethnic and race background gathered to spread a strong and balanced message. I won’t go into too many details, and I will try to keep my opinions to myself because the song in itself explains what none of us or most could express.

One of my favorite lines is,“Everyone matters…everyone hates somebody…love is the solution. Love is powerful.” And something we all agree is that the media has been spreading more hate than anything else.

This song arrives at a perfect time because we need to disseminate a more positive message, as well as realistic.

When I wake up every day, I don’t think of my skin color or my gender. I wake up thinking, “I’m Ana” or “I’m a person. Time to get ready for the day ahead.” Imagine waking up to: “I’m Hispanic.” “I’m a woman.” “I’m a Grad student.” “I’m single.” “I’m a trainee.” “I’m American.” I mean, probably some those do cross my mind. Nonetheless, I’m worried about the day ahead as I mentioned. Will I encounter animosity from someone due to my skin color, gender, personality or something else? Perhaps. But perhaps not.


My parents taught me this saying at a very young age, “honey, you’re not a golden coin. Not everyone is going to like you.” (LOL!) Long story short, when I was a kid, I came home upset because some peers didn’t like me.

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At any rate, another reason I like the message of “Where is the Love?” is the consciousness of the whole world. As Americans, we tend to cling on to our ethnocentricity. It’s all about us. We have to keep in mind that we live in a much bigger world where suffering happens elsewhere too. Others suffer too. Not just us. Inequality. Racism. Misogyny. Violence. Abuse. So on and so forth.

I personally meditate in different ways to free myself from the influx of our adverse environment. I like to write, and it helps me understand my feelings and those of others. I also read the Bible and dwell on it, and I pray. I try not to have prayers based on repetition—instead, I hold a conversation with God because I feel as if I’m the patient, and He is the therapist listening to all my emotions and or dilemmas—and yes, I feel He can both feel and listen to emotions. I try to expel as much negativity as possible from my mind. It’s quite difficult. However, in the end, I find it exceptionally helpful to the soul and mind.

As I’ve said it before, the news serves to disperse too much animosity, so it’s best to turn off the television at times. Enjoy the song! Please, leave your thoughts and comments about the song.  #whereisthelove