Dear Lord, I’m Sorry!

I’m so stressed.
The world presses and professes things I refuse to hear and bear.
Seeing those tears.
I’m a witness to unfairness.
But that’s life, right?
Admit it. Assume it. Breathe it.
The greed of these serpents.
Where is their heart?
Their human existence?
I, like a wild woman seeking it.
That it. Trying to understand it.
Intrusive thoughts taking over!
Scrutinizing the innermost core of the world.
I don’t quite see anything. It’s a gloomy land.
A dark forest is the earth’s fortress.
Hands tied. Blindfolded. Mouthfolded.
Dumbfounded by these incidents.
Scarring dents on my mind.
Angry tears carry on and on.
What the fuck!
Dear Lord, I’m sorry.
But I can’t contain it.
Dear Lord,
make haste and save me.
Save us all.
Dear Lord,
you’re my fortress.


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