Learning, Neverending

This semester I’ve learned in my creative writing class that we don’t always need a conclusion that will leave the reader on a good note. I’ve learned plenty, but the “good note endings” resonates the most with me. Also, throughout my Master’s education, what keeps coming back to echoing is don’t sound “preachy” because you lose the reader. It’s like pointing at them and telling them what to do. In real life, yeah, no one likes that either.

Moreover, I told myself that next time that I’d find myself in a bit of a stressful situation; I would keep in mind how my writing would change. At times, to the world, I don’t like sharing my personal problems. I’ve also learned that people don’t feel comfortable with extremely private people because emotions and experiences help people connect with each other. BUT the other part of this matter is that you can’t dwell on your problems too much because then you’re like the bearer of bad news and well people flee, or they’re like, “Oh god, get over it already.” So, certainly, it’s good to maintain a balance.

Screenshot (209)It’s probably supposed to be obvious, but the older I get and the more I advance my education, the more I learn how much I don’t know. If I grasp the concept of a particular subject or the like, that one thing has about 100 other doors that lead to MORE knowledge. Learning is never-ending, and it’s beautiful in my opinion.

The other day I read a meme that said that when a friend or a family member is there for you (not just texting), as simple as may sound, that they’re teaching you that they are present and there for you. When they’re absent from your life, then you learn to live without them. That was the gist of it. Learning is a subconscious phenomenon too.

Something I’ve learned these past few months too, more on the absurd side because I don’t believe in such things, is that I’ve lost my lucky charm. This makes me laugh a bit because small things usually work out for me–maybe not all the time but often. Little things such as, up front parking, hitting green lights, free coffees—sometimes, classes getting canceled on a day I desperately needed to rest so and so forth. This semester though so many things have gone wrong that I thought about the other day, “how do unlucky people survive!” I’ll show my little list of “bad lucks”:

  • Printing issues right before class, in like six different occasions after getting to school up to three hours before class.
  • Printer out of service.
  • Student login issue!
  • Something wrong with my student login information.
  • Having issues loading my card with money for printing. It just wouldn’t take my bill.
  • The machine where I’m supposed to load my card to print…out of order.
  • One day, a woman point to her parking spot so I could park, well some random student dashed a stole it.
  • Flat tire
  • Steering wheel issues
  • Birds thinking my car is a canvas for their Picasso shitting. I had to wash my car. I just had too.
  • I did a presentation—granted I was sick and the teacher did tell me I could go home. I lost any all my thoughts, my mouth dried, barely made sense, and my vocabulary was this: basically…um… well, basically, um (nervous chuckles. Total car wreck).

The list goes on. That’s when I said; I have to keep moving. I know it must look bad from a different perspective. But what can I do? Keep moving forward. And hope that my good luck returns pronto! I’ve even learned how to go on and live with a bad luck streak. As I’ve said, Learning is never-ending—except not beautiful when you are on a TERRIBLE luck streak. I will have to yell to the universe, make a silly dance, or just pray for my gracious luck to return to me soon. I can only hope.

How do you cope with little “back luck” obstacles in your life? I kind of punch a bag.

On an entirely different note, below is a picture of one of my babies, Lite chihuahua mix. It looks like she got tired of reading.




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