Shit Happens

Hello, Everyone. So I’ve been moving with my family to another city—nearby and yet so tedious to drive (now to the boonies). But I have to admit it’s a much quieter place and peaceful. The stars shine so brightly at night, and I can hear the occasional cars passing through the road behind us. Also, the house needed some handyman work, so I had to put my own tile (vinyl). I am still missing the edges, though. But I am wiped both physically and mentally.

My schooling is worrying me because it’s highly demanding, and unfortunately, I cannot stop time to catch up on all the reading and research. So with half a brain, I have to move on, pray to God to help me, and finish this semester.

I got the picture on Instagram from @thegoodquote.



As much as it sounds a cliché, difficult situations either make you or break you. Personally, I feel challenges serve to build character, and I’m slowly learning that I can’t control everything. Also, I can’t please everyone such as parents, teachers, an employer, or even friends. I’m, of course, an imperfect human being, and I am quite tired of explaining myself. I am exhausted of thinking, “what if he/she thinks this or that?”

As kids (or society in general) say today, “shit happens” and “it is what it is.” I can only try my best. If it all fails, then oh well. I’ll survive. I always have, and I will continue to work hard as much as it is humanly and mentally possible for me.

So, all in all, be easy on yourself because at the end of the day, no one will understand you or your situation unless they take the time to put on your shoes (metaphor of course) and if they take the time to listen. If not, they’ll think what they want—and if that’s case, then why worry about them? There’s no point in attempting to convince a wall.

And I am thankful to all those who have taken the time to understand my situation, even prayed for me. It’s always like a drop of water on dehydrated lips.

I hope to post my third challenge quote of the day soon. Cheers!