Hello 2017 

Before I get to my post. Is anyone else having issues with #wordpress because I can’t post through my computer. I am now trying on my android, which is very annoying. 😣

They’re out chilling out in the cloudy cold day.

​Hello, fellow writers and readers. 2016 finally left us. HAPPY NEW YEARS! If you have kept up with the news, as I imagine most of us have, the year 2016 was a bit crazy. I can say that the first part of that year was pretty good for me. Eventually, things turned out a bit rough toward the second half. And now, well, it’s 2017. We’re all a bit older and wiser, hopefully.

I had a pretty rough semester due to many things that were out of my control. However, I am very thankful to God that I made it to the finish line. All my professors were understanding. Personally, I would have like to do better, but I did my best with what I could. So I am beyond grateful to them. 

I had to put my job aside due to also many issues and conflict with my schooling. Last semester, fall 2016, was the second last school session so that I can graduate in May 2017. I didn’t want anything interfering with that personal goal. So, starting this week, I have to look once again into the job dilemma.

Toward the last week of school, I got sick. I had stomach flu, and then I was well for about a day and I got a cold. Then I had a different issue right after the cold. I’ve never suffered of heartburn and acid reflux, and as I mentioned, that was problem for about another week. It was horrible. I feel so bad for people who suffer from that because I felt quite miserable. Today is the first day that I am finally not ill of one thing or another. I don’t usually get sick. So I believe it must have been the stress of everything. On the positive side, I lost a few pounds. Haha! 

I have about eight days until I start my final semester. Unfortunately, I spent most of my break, ill. I hope and pray that I am fully recuperated by then and that I am able to continue my final semester without any major issues to throw me off balance.

Fun fact, I started singing and playing the guitar again. I love it! I am no pro at it. But I hope that I have room to practice this year. You can catch a short video of “A Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga on my Instagram account @chibi_roze.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good one.

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  1. Ana if you read any of my blogs you can see how terrible my life has been. If I had, had a formal education I would not “I feel” be in this predicament. I would have been able to move on & not live my life in fear. No amount of love could have changed my situation like having an education would have. Perseverance dear Ana perseverance!

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  2. For some reason I missed this comment. And thank you. Also, degrees don’t define intelligence and they don’t define talent or success. We have to world 🌍 surrounding us with knowledge. But I also understand what you’re saying. Thank you once again.


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