Agree Or We’re Sworn Enemies

What has happened in our society that we can’t manage to agree to disagree? We all perceive ourselves as opened-minded while the opposing views are narrow-minded. We have fallen prey of judging someone based on who they voted for and who they supported. We have forgotten about their past—about their dreams, goals, and struggles. They are simply a “Trump voter” or a “Clinton voter.” They are merely a left-winger or a right-winger. They are just liberals or conservatives.

We can no longer engage in discussions or arguments to dispute views. Instead, we plunge our fingers in our ears, “La la la la la la la.” I believe that most of the time many protests or movements start off with good intentions. But we always have those people with the inability to control their emotions and rely on violence. The other side always says about the other, “Well, they did it first.” And on and on the circle of violence continues.

Nowadays, a lot of people seem to lack the ability to find a middle ground. It’s either “you agree with me, or we’re sworn enemies.” Politicians and the popular media excite our emotions, and we feel that need to act because of that reason. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with fighting for what’s right (or if you feel it’s right)—even if I may not agree with every protest out there. What bothers me is how much popular media and these politicians put us against each other. Most of the times there are only two sides. That’s it. There’s never a middle ground, which I find quite strange because that’s where I usually fall in most of the time. Other times, I just don’t agree or agree—depending on the circumstances. vintage-1794747_1280

As long as someone treats me with respect, I don’t care what they believe in. We don’t have to be friends either because I understand that friends have common interests—not all the time of course. Friends who completely disagree and are still friends are quite admirable people because it shows a true level of love, respect, and maturity. However, I reiterate, it’s okay if someone does not want to be my friend because we have too many differences. But I still believe in respecting every human being out there (well, as long as it’s not a pedophile or rapist or an animal abuser).

With the Trump versus Clinton political fight, people are “de-friending” each other. They pick fights with their loved ones. Meanwhile, all the politicians gathered in “one accord” to share a meal and welcome the new President. If these people, who spoke heinous words about each other, can sit and have a meal together, why can’t we do the same? What’s going on over here? We all know that they don’t like each other.

Another point is that I really hope humanity does not hit a point where we all have to agree with each other OR ELSE. Have you thought about how in America we only have two political parties that win all the time? What if one day it becomes the one party (either right or left)? What will happen to the other people? Have you seen what happens nowadays when you disagree with someone? People go wild. And I know there are sensible people out there from both sides.

However, it still scares me that human beings gather together to destroy property and harm, other people because they’re a Trump supporter or Hillary supporter. If we ever reach a point where the majority wants to fall under the same umbrella (whether politically or religiously and or both), I fear the kind of authority human beings will exercise for those who oppose them. #Agreetodisagreewithouthate.

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