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Hello, Everyone. I am falling a bit behind on my blogs lately. I usually like to write a blog a week. But I am working on the last semester of my M.A in English while seeking a new career path, so it’s becoming a bit hectic.

I am also focusing on working on more of my independent tutoring. In case you’re interested in some English tutoring, let me know. I do online tutoring, email, and Skype. But that’s not my primary focus of my blog at all. This is the only time I’ll mention it. 🙂

I apologize if I have not gotten back to any awards that you may have nominated me to. Just remind me or paste the link on one of the newest blogs, and I’ll check it out again. Sorry!

I am involved a lot on Twitter. Mainly because it’s to the point and concise.

Also, I can’t wait to catch up with all your blogs!

And remember, the best way to break prejudices, stereotypes, or racism is by being a better you.

What prejudice, stereotypical, or racist comment will ever have a chance to say, “See, she/he is a good person! How dare she/he.” It will never work.

So brush off negative comments and keep working on your goals. If someone tries to stop you, then try even more. It’ll make a great Hollywood picture one day. 🙂 Well, hopefully.

Good luck everyone! #Agreetodisagreewithouthate



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5 thoughts on “Lagging on my Blog

  1. Thank you for following.
    Lovely write
    It’s great to meet you!

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  2. Lovely blog. It’s nice to meet you! 🙂


    1. Thank you, nice to meet you too. 😊 ✌️

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