“I really don’t like her” Or “She’s Okay.”

I walk around society telling myself what not to do and what not to say. I question actions and words. But then I think, why? Is this normal? It really isn’t. I see individuality as a form of respect. Nowadays, I feel that we are assaulting individuality. For instance, there was a time where my opinion as a minority, both a woman and Hispanic had merit. It was a reliable voice because I spoke from my cultural backgfround and worldview.

Now, however, many of us (minorities) have been tossed with the “ignorant and racist assholes.” I apologize for the expression. People don’t want to hear our voice. And I ask myself, why? What happened? Suddenly, those minorities who voted for President Trump are white washed, traitors, mother fuckers, hypocritical Christians, monsters, and or supporters of a “KKK President.”

I didn’t vote for President Trump. I’m neither anti-Trump nor pro-Trump. I simply want to see what happens in the next four years and hope for the best. But even that statement illustrates me as a bad person or some heinous bitch. Pardon my French. But that’s the brutal truth.

I can sense people giving the stink-eye. Body language and the eyes reveal much more than our mouths do. Yes, I’m pretty active on my social networks because I am tired of the popular media’s manipulation.

It really doesn’t take that much searching on Google to realize that everything that is happening now has happened before, from deporting illegal immigrants to imposing a ban on countries with high terrorism.

The phrase, “nothing is new under the sun” from Ecclesiastes 1:9, could not fit any better today. And yet, people are utter shocked with President Trump’s actions. Hey, you don’t agree with the guy. That’s fine with me. But why is everyone so angry? I personally blame the media for all this madness. We’re all against each other more than ever. Even I am fed up and frustrated. How to move on from this? It’s probably best to unplug.

We all have our own moral and ethical values. But we don’t all share those moral and ethical values. And yet we find ourselves hating each other for not fully accepting values that are foreign to us. Yours are yours. Mine are mine. Respect. Would it be possible to keep like that? Seems easier said than done.

When a cashier or bank teller is polite to me, I am respectful in return. I don’t ask about their history or who they voted for, and they don’t ask me. It’s simply mutual respect. But what if I were to tell her my values, political and religious views, ethical and moral beliefs, and my occasional sarcasm that creeps out when I feel in a mood to troll or disengage my “opponent”?

My two personalities trying to solve our issues today. Jk!


Even writing this blog already reveals part of who I am. And if you follow my Twitter account, then you’ll have even more ammo to decide, “I really don’t like her” or “She’s okay.” Because that’s what social networking does, it exposes a little bit of your soul—well, just a bit.

As human beings, we are too complex to throw us all into one batch. And most of us have too many skeletons in our closet and too many imperfections to be insulting people because they don’t agree with us. Did I just reveal that I have skeletons in my closet!? Oh no. Just kidding.  My point is we’re all full of imperfections. Stop calling people bigots, racists, xenophobes, and what not without truly knowing a person.

Granted, I’m fully aware we have racists in their white hoodies burning crosses and dummies of all kinds, (I hope not!). That’s creepy. Anyway, moving on,  I was too invested in my schooling and seeking a new career to care about Trump and Hillary. But I started noticing this uproar all over the media and in society. I was like, “What in the world?”

Gals/Guys, I’m curious! I went to research. I wanted to know, especially, why minorities wanted to vote for Trump. I talked to family members, friends, overheard conversations on the street or during coffee, and I looked up videos on Youtube. By the end, I had more understanding. I still didn’t vote for President Trump. But I respected the decisions of those people who did vote for him.

Is he a monster? I will not put my hands on the fire for him. But so far, he seems to be acting like any other president. I see no difference. Granted, he’s a different person, therfore, different. Call me naive, but I’m hoping he doesn’t take us to WWIII. But I rely on God. And I understand that everything happens for a reason, even terrible situations. Also, I’ll put my foot in my mouth if I have to. I the mean time, I’m hoping, praying, and analyzing. And trying to graduate  🎓. 😌

Here are some of the links to articles and videos in case you’re interested. You don’t have to agree. But I hope you can at least try to understand my point. Some are a little bit crude. If you do read/see one of the links below, please feel free to share your thoughts. Even if you disagree. Good day to all!



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