Why Do You Write?

Have you heard of “go with your gut instinct”? I always wondered about that phrase and if it had merit to it. The older of I’ve gotten, the more I realize the importance of listening to that gut instinct. I also love the phrase “go with your heart.” And when we have dreams, we might as well suit up with a heavy armor. We will have adversaries, opponents, and all kinds of obstacles in our path—some of those obstacles may be things out of our control or people—and they may manifest bluntly or in a subtle manner. There are more doubters than supporters along, through, and by our road. I understand that we need to logically think about things and be realistic,and that’s why I believe in having a backup plan. However, in many cases, you really should go with your gut instinct and heart.book-1816237_1920

We need to especially be attentive to those subtle obstacles because they break your spirit, and it’s best to reject them from your life. Further, for the sake of this argument, because we have exceptions to everything, you don’t die because someone doubts you. You don’t die because someone puts you down. You don’t die because someone insults you. They’re just words and harmless to some degree—unless you allow them to affect you. You don’t die because someone tells you no. You don’t die because someone rejects you. None of these feel right when they happen. But you will survive. Negativity helps us to sort out who is truly there for us. In this life, we must first believe in ourselves before others do.roosevelt

Whether you’re a writer, painter, singer, or a business person, you must work on your craft. Yes, maybe, there are others better than you/us, WHO CARES. We all have our own path. I’m walking on MY path, not that guy’s or gal’s. Due to nepotism or other affiliation, some people do have it easier, good for them. Pebbles or boulders in your pathway will make you stronger—as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. I’ve been patronized, laughed at, belittled, ignored, doubted, insulted, rejected, and I don’t know what else I can add to the bunch…and guess what? I survived them all.

Growing up, I was never the favorite student or the most popular kid—that’s probably due to my introversion. People were polite, to some degree (because ignoring someone or keeping a person out of the in-group is a different type of bullying). Either which way, I learned to stand on my own. Of course, I will admit that I have met wonderful people willing to encourage and help me.

Whether it’s my introversion or something else, I have struggled to attain what I want, like many others out there, I’m sure. I continue to work on my craft which is writing. And my hope, above all, is not to become this New York bestseller or famous author. Great if it happens, though! I  mainly wish to inspire others through my writing. I rather try than not at all. Why do you write?


Welcome positive things and people to your dreams and goals, supportive people. Leave anything or anyone who is toxic to your life behind you.

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12 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?

  1. I’ve asked myself that question several times over the last year… I write to connect. I write to satisfy this unstoppable creative impulse inside of me. I write to learn (as weird as that sounds, I’ve found I learn much by putting my thoughts into words. I write to surprise myself.
    I don’t write for other people, and yet, I do write to be read by other people– does that make sense? I write because I cannot imagine NOT writing, lol!

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    1. Yes! That completely makes sense. At times, I have said, ugh… Just quit already. But I love to write, and I don’t feel satisfied with my life until I write. 😊👍✌️And keep writing! I too believe it’s a learning experience.

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  2. Writing for me was the next step up, before that I was introverted and so drew a great deal. A yen to say something from deep within. Of course have in the process been rewarded for it in many ways.


  3. I like to think that my gut-feeling is my heart whispering something to me! 🙂 I agree, we should learn to listen to our gut-feeling… most often than not, they are more reliable than our logical minds!


          1. Yes, we do have the tendency to rationalize when faced with scenario. I think it’s even easier to do than listen to our gut-feeling. But it’s good that we’re paying more attention to it. 🙂


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