Writing, My Ogre

This is a very short blog. The process of writing is difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because it requires a lot of critical thinking, making sense, and editing.

I recently re-read one of my first blogs, and it needed serious editing. I’m sure most of my blogs do. But that’s the part of writing, though, it cannot blossom into a perfect and beautiful creature until we write. In the meantime, it’ll most likely resemble an ogre.background-2032255_1920.jpg

If you’re any type of writer, trust me, you’re brave because writing peels our deeper emotions and imperfections. But we cannot perfect anything until we have around 10,000 hours of experience. That means, we need to write, write, and write. And we also need read, read, and read. It’s important to dedicate time to our craft, especially if it does not come naturally to us. Some are naturally great writers. But they are not you, so who cares. Every writer has a number of worlds to unleash, and it doesn’t have to be a talented writer to do so. What we can do is work on our craft to unleash these stories to the world.

I will paste a list of a few books that pertain to writing creatively, such as, how to write an effective dialogue, how to start a novel, and how to reveal information about a character without dumping everything on your reader, narration so and so forth. I need to re-read these too. This is also one of my recent assignments that I turned in for one of my classes. I hope it can help you too.

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  1. I have a hard time writing. It seems that blog posts are especially difficult. I edit them over and over again, sometimes even after I post them. It’s hard for me to say what I want to say and use relatively few words, in a way that is comprehensible. Thanks for posting this.


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