Escaping Reality

She’s never been daddy’s Little Princess.
She doesn’t know what the fuck girls mean when they say,
“I always wanted to be a princess on my wedding day.”
She thinks, “I just want to find love.”

He’s never said, “Hey, I’m proud of you.”
Instead, his dark eyes look at her with a peculiar look,
Like she’s an alien and not a princess.
Certainly, she must speak a different language.

She’s a dreamer brought to a lowly state of reality.
Dreams live too far away from planet Earth.
Earth is art itself but filled with entrepreneurs.
“But I too take risks,” she thinks, “Just different ones.”

Perhaps she belongs to another planet.
She can never look or talk like a princess here.
So she must walk into the sun—
Until she can find a kingdom for her fallen crown.

Or maybe she’s an alien forever roaming the universe.
If she walks close enough to the sun, she’ll burn.
But what if that’s her kingdom?
A bright and daring road, “Again, I’m escaping reality.”


©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

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