A Letter to Silence…

Oh, Dear, Silence:

I use to dread your presence as a child. Mainly due to the fables told by those evil adults. Now, I’m grown, and I long for you. The world is loud and crowded. Even white noise bothers me at times. I rest on the floor allowing my body to surrender fully to gravity. I picture myself sinking to the depths of my innermost thoughts and desires, welcoming anger and bitterness.silhouette-2208079_1280

Another me rises. She tells me to be patient. She tells me to let go. She tells me to forgive for that’s the reason He died and rose, to forgive, to grow anew. Every time we sit in silence to meditate, it’s a newly learned person. It’s another you. The people who thought they knew you will no longer know you.

Most pursue desires and individuals. And who isn’t enchanted by desires? Who doesn’t need the company spooning your fears? However, how will we ever grow if we don’t confront those fears? The company of the self brings forth a genuine person in you, a true friend. Your friend shows you the path toward your dreams and goals. It’s true what they say, ‘Work hard. Be focused. The right people will come.’ But be your friend first to know when to stay and when to walk away. Money and material gain are secondary–possibly even tertiary. Are they even important at all? Only because we live on this Earth they have to have a place in our life. But they should never stand ahead of our aspirations and loved ones. The richness of the spirit, mind, and soul are gold.


An Introvert.


©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

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