Thank You 300+ Followers

Hello, all. I wanted to take the time to say thank you to every single follower, both WordPress and E-mail followers. I truly appreciate it. I never imagined reaching 100, let alone 300+ followers. I am especially thankful for those who take the time to comment and share my blogs here or on any other social media. Your likes make my day. 🙂balloons-343246_1920

Speaking of which, you can follow me at my new Facebook account Ana P. Rose. I created it because, well, I’ve had more support from “strangers” and “acquaintances” than people I’ve known for years. And that’s okay. Every writer has its own audience. (Of course, I do have few friends or my sisters who constantly show their support). For my new Facebook account, the goal is to build a positive and supportive followership, like here! teddy-2061222_1920

So feel free to add me and if you’d like to talk about writing or anything in general, please, feel free to message me. Let’s chat! Here’s my email address:

I’ve mostly had male requests, which is perfectly fine as long as they’re respectful. But I hope to get women followers as well. A combination of both would be nice (hehe).




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