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Hi, I’m on a roll today! So I am currently writing a “fantasy” novel, so far called, Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth. I’m on chapter 8. Short synopsis: It’s about a woman who struggles with her weight. She fights her demons or struggles both in our real world and in an alternate universe where she must confront evil.

I am the type of writer who doesn’t like to write outlines. I write many, many drafts instead. However, a novel, I have come to terms, that I need to keep better track of my characters, setting, plot, and or timeline–among many others part of the novel that are necessary. I like to have everything in my computer. But I make sure to have copies everywhere in case something goes wrong.

I feel writing everything down by hand takes soooooooo much time. Plus, it bores me. I only like to write down ideas, short free verse, or lyrics (I mainly write these for my own fun, and I don’t really share these). Since I hate writing by hand, plus I’d most likely lose my journal/notebook, I decided to use OneNote, and thus far, I love it! I posted a screenshot below so you can take a look at how it helps me organize my book. Why I like it:

  1. I can copy & paste any text on it (it pastes w/the current date too).
  2. I can paste a link, then click on it so it can direct me right to it.
  3. I can create Main heading, subheadings
  4. I can share any documents with someone else.
  5. I can email it to myself.
  6. It automatically colors all my headings.
  7. It saves on its own. You have to keep saving.

Well, it can do so much more. It sounds like I’m advertising this (Lol!). But I am simply sharing ways you can keep track of your novel. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me, please let me know. I welcome feedback and what not. Have a great weekend!



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