The Lecturer & the Bragger

Change it’s easy once we make the decision to do so. It’s a tedious and slow process. But as long as we take as step each day toward the goals we have in mind, we feel better. The thing about change is that we first have to convince the mind that we can. After we reach that stage, we have to convince the rest of the world of our change. What I mean by that is that we can’t escape the eyes of our family, friends, or colleagues. They’ve all made up their minds about who we are.

And for some reason, sometimes people cling on to the negative aspects you more than the good ones. For instance, if you are lazy, a procrastinator, an angry person, forgetful, negligent or whatever that negative trait may be, they cling on to that. You may be on a great character streak. But as soon as you fall into your old habits, due to a momentary of obvious humanness, it almost makes them giddy, like “I knew it.” Sometimes our closest people don’t encourage positive behavior. They see the bad, and they grab onto that like ticks. On the contrary, when they see a positive behavior, they keep you under scrutiny with a watchful eye–perhaps waiting to see when will you slip.

Another aspect of change is that you want to share it with everyone. Because, finally, you have this understanding that it’s okay to be in a slump. It’s okay to embrace the negative parts of your life to turn them into something better because we don’t have to stay stuck. However, I’ve learned that we’re all on our own paths. And unless someone solicits your advice, it’s probably best not to give it. The reason I state this it’s because, recently I’ve heard the following, “You’re just going to give me one of your lectures,” or that I’m bragging about it. I honestly didn’t mean any harm. Perhaps my approach was wrong. Or perchance, it wasn’t.

Then I started wondering: Okay, so these people who are successful are perceived as “lecturers,” or as “braggers,” or is it okay for them to do it because they have reached the peak of their success; therefore they’re worthy of respect? Or is it because they are strangers, and they’re not me? Or I just completely suck at this. How can I emulate those motivational and inspiring people?

All in all, I just wanted to share something that I had learned. I wasn’t trying to be a motivation speaker. I wasn’t trying to lecture or brag. My point is, perhaps the path that we each walk enlightens us differently and at different times.

And here’s a video in case you’re interested in a “Wake Up!” video. 🙂

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