Anaprose’s 100th Post

This is my 100th post. I have covered a variety of topics on introversion, writing, fears, political views, and or women’s issues. I also added Friday songs, in which I pick my favorite song of the week. I wrote a few writing prompts, and some of my own free verse work. I don’t consider myself a poet. I mainly write free verse to find my voice, practice writing, and to express my emotions or emotions of others. Not everything that I write reflects my feelings, but most of it does.

I’ve been awarded blogs from my fellow WordPress writers. I apologize if I have no been able to complete them all. I have had a busy year. (Not an excuse. But I am sorry)

I thank everyone who supports this blog in any way, especially sharing it on social media. It’s not difficult to hit like and share things over social media. But not a lot of people do it. So if you do, I am very thankful for it. And I understand it gets a bit more difficult once we obtain more followers because we have to keep up with hundreds, or thousands of bloggers for those of you who have that many followers.

During this time, I have linked my Instagram @chibi_roze, Twitter @anaprose, and a Facebook page @proseana. So feel free to look me up. I follow right back.

I also have several projects in progress. It was difficult to finish them sooner because I was in the process of obtaining my M.A in English degree. I’m finally done. I turned in an analytical/creative writing project, and it is in the process of publishing.

My main project, titled for the moment Phat Earth, Not Fat Earth, is now over 24,000 words, and I have 12 chapters. For the first draft, I had 60,000. But I started over and decided to take a different direction in the story, an urban fantasy.

I have to be honest, starting this blog has been the best choice for my writing because it helps me practice, improve, and keep focused. I may fall behind, but I must keep up with the projects, slowly but surely. The Anaprose blog has encouraged me to take myself and my writing overall more seriously and at the same time, not so seriously. I can write, make horrendous mistakes, and it’s all right. I’ll live.

Overall, I can’t believe I put up a blog! Thank you for reading this recap of my 100 posts. Have a great day/evening.

As always leave your comments below. You can also reach me on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email. I will get to your message eventually.



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  1. Congratulations on the achievement! 100 posts is definitely a big deal; each post is like its own little universe, its own puzzle piece contributing to a greater whole. Here’s to the next 100!

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