Life: Thorns & Roses (4 min. rd.)

Our view of what we currently see can be very biased. But what we do see should give us clues of our path. For instance, when all the doors close, it doesn’t necessarily imply a bad thing. I’m the type of person that gets worked up when the outcomes that I expected don’t work out. It bothers me a lot. Other people can just move on, and honestly, that’s a great attitude. Me, no. I want to know why, and sometimes circumstances don’t have explanations, or people just lie. And things just happen without our consent because life happens.

We can say the same thing about any kind of relationship. I always want to know exactly what happened when things no longer work out. Once again, people change or time changes things. That’s just what it is. Nobody has to be the bad guy.

When things turn sour, our present state tells us, “this is a bad situation” and emotions reign. I then ask myself, “What can I learn from the difficult situation?” This brings me back to the closed doors. Time moves forward for better or worse. When it’s for “worse,” we feel stuck, and it’s never-ending.  But sooner or later, a door will open. It just must if we’re persistent.

I talked to my Aunt in Guatemala. She’s a retired teacher, and she loves literature. She and I have the most interesting conversations, especially because I learn so much from her. She told me this, “I always keep in mind that the roads of life that we walk are not always full of roses. Sometimes they are full of thorns. But if you keep walking, you will once again find roses. But you must be patient.” Wow, isn’t that wonderful? It’s full of empathy, understanding, and it carries much truth to it.

In the Bible, the story of Job can teach us the power of hope and faith. Even if the Bible is not part your belief, the story of Job is still a tragic and yet wonderful story. Can’t say that it won’t leave the reader with many questions and mix feelings. When Job loses all his children, most of his friends, his wife’s trust, his health, and all his material gain, God restores everything to an even greater amount at the end of story.

Doors close in our career choices and or certain relationships, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be restored. Maybe you’ll have a different career path, a new love, new friends, new location and new everything—or even restored broken paths and relationships. Whatever it may be, it’s best to let go and keep walking until we find those roses again.

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Thornes and Roses

My soul desired those roses.

I imagine their aroma. They were so palpable.

I inhaled deeply closing my eyes.

When I opened them again, I stood in a pile of thorns.

I saw a Man next to me on his own path.

He walked and walked on thorns without shoes.

His face was contorted due to the pain.

The blood increased with each step.

He poured sweat from his forehead.

I turned my eyes to my feet.

I had shoes on.

And yet the thorns still hurt?

The man tripped and fell on his hands.

His knees and hands bled.

He got up.

Once. Twice. Trice.

I took a step.

The thorn turned into a rose.

I took another step.

It turned into another rose.

I kept an eye on the man.

He continued to bleed.

I too was in pain.

But each thorn swiftly disappeared—

Turning into a rose.



©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


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  1. I love the way this was written…instead of roses having thorns…it’s thorns turning into roses. It’s really all about perspective and keeping the faith that out of something bad – something good will happen. It gives me hope 😊

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