The Devil, A Skeptic


What’s wrong with a little Dr. Seuss here and there? Whether it’s considered good or bad rhyming for the sake of writing or rhyming for the sake of writing? Or fun.


The other day I had to reset.

Forcing the devil to lose his bet.

Sent his wishes back to Tibet.

Opened his mouth, a septic tank.

A skeptic plotting against me.

Preparing nice little tea time–

To cloud mind. He’s one of a kind.

Dressed as an angel of light.

But I’m on to him and all his lies.

I’ll take a grip of my life.

From the tip of my fingers, I’ll climb to the top.

To the top of the mountain.

Afraid of the pain. But valiantly shall sustain.

My mind is deeply ingrained in this.

Will not drown in the abyss of your wishes.

An ocean of blisses ’cause of my mistakes.

You want me to break.

But this is my life.

My life is at stake.

I’ll put my foot on the gas and take what is mine.

Not pressing the brakes for the yellow light.

I’m in full force.

I’ll take my course.

God, help me.

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.