I Want To Try Something, Fellow Bloggers (30 secs. rd.)

Hello, everyone. It’s Ana P. Rose. It’s my birthday in two days, and I wanted to do something special for my birthday, and this is to help promote other/new bloggers. When I started my blog, MakeItUltra helped new bloggers promote their blogs on their site. I’ll post their link below my message. I am still overwhelmingly thankful for it because it was helpful. Even though I don’t have as many followers, I want to try and help other fellow bloggers too.

So feel free to introduce yourselves, state one fun fact, and leave the link to your blog in the comment section. Let’s help each other. Let’s help other bloggers.

I am grateful for all the support, and you encourage me to keep writing. So click away and start following writers. Do the favor and follow back, please and thank you. Have an awesome week!



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13 thoughts on “I Want To Try Something, Fellow Bloggers (30 secs. rd.)

  1. Hey Ana have a happy birthday. Thank you so much for doing this.. My name is Ananya Jha , I write about whatever I want to. So my blog is quite versatile. Fun fact about me is that I can listen to the same song on loop for months. 😅😂

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    1. Thank you. And also, thank you for sharing. I can get addicted to the replay button myself. 😊 🌹 ✌️ 👍

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  2. Morning Ana, happy birthday.

    I’m Michael, I am a lord, a member of the British beard club, I love trying to make people laugh and am terrible at counting to one.



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    1. Well, you actually made me lol. 😊 And thank you. 🌹


  3. Hi Ana, many happy returns, I hope you have a,fabulous Birthday, as you know I have a blog on Personal development and Law of Attraction and many other tópics I love your idea as I love to meet new people and bloggers so I look forward to seeing them https://theutopiauniverse.com wishing you lots of new visitors

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    1. Thank you so much for participating and the wishes. I’m looking forward to meeting new people too. 😊🌹

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  4. Thanks for sharing Ana P. Rose

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  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!

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