She Danced In the Rain

One day…

She stopped caring. Not because she had moved on, Oh, no, no. She dwells in her darkness and dances there on daily basis. It’s winter cold all year long. No one can possibly hold her hand because the tumultuous affliction in her heart will jolt you away. She dances in the rain hoping to disintegrate. She doesn’t believe that anyone can love her, and yet pushes away any kind of love or friendship that might remotely care. She sacrifices the truly beautiful person who has a chance to rise from the death—a death they provoked. They killed her little by little every day, and she allowed it because she thought that was love. Wake up! Run away! Reach out to Him who can bring you out of that storm!

A different day…

She stopped caring. Not because she was stuck in the past, Oh, no, no. She moved on because she let go. She let things be. She accepted that the lack of love from people was not her fault. It was theirs. She didn’t have to sacrifice her morals or ethics anymore. She realized that self-love without anger and bitterness cleansed her soul, heart, mind, and spirit. She was finally free! She danced in the rain to be one with nature. Nature embraced and drenched her with freedom and love. While she fell asleep on the lawn under the soft warm rain, God opened her heart. He cured every wound. He removed anger, bitterness, and pain out of her torn heart. He smiled.

“If I could I find a cure, I’ll fix you with my love…and if you say you’re okay, I’m gonna heal you anyway. Promise I’ll always be there for you.”~ “The Cure,” Lady Gaga

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


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