The Doctor, Sister 1 & Sister 2, & the Nurse

Sister 1 approaches the man and says,“Doctor, how’s my sister doing?” He takes a look at his notepad to take notes. Sister 2 is unaware of the people behind the glass. Her lost eyes and unsteady steps walk mindlessly in the white room.

“She has been stating the same words for hours,” he says fixing his glasses. “Here, listen.” He presses a red button.

Sister 1 reads the words on the button, “Chaos and disorder.” She shakes her head to fix her blurry eyes. The words disappear. She proceeds to listen.

Sister 2 says, “I trusted you with my pains and thoughts. Thought you might value them the way you care for strangers. You want to hear me talk but to freeze my emotions. You want my ears readily available to you but not my mind. You’re collected with others but don’t care to bring me down—or to set me straight, to point my flaws, or take my shit.

What did I do to deserve your cold shoulder? Your indifference? Your sour words? What did I do to deserve your utter disrespect? You forgive others’ trespasses against you but me…ha! One misinterpreted word or phrase, and I am the devil of your world.

You could have just literally stabbed my intestines and scattered them for the birds to eat.”

Sister 2 drops to the ground to pretend her intestines are out of her body. She covers her imaginary wound with both hands.

She continues,“It would have been much more humane. Instead, you claim that I’m insane—that something is wrong with me.” Her saliva covers her face.

Sister 1 utters in an unsympathetic tone, “She’s crazy. I’ll come see her whenever I have time. Thank you, doctor. I do this out of the kindness of my heart. It’s for her own good.”

The doctor writes down more notes. “Okay, you stay here. I’ll be right back.” He locks the door behind him.

Sister 1 takes a look at the white room the doctor left her in. She bites her nails as she waits for the doctor to return. She paces about the room and repeats, “She’s absolutely mad. I’ll come see her whenever I have time. Thank you, doctor. I do this out of the kindness of my heart. It’s for her own good.”

Meanwhile, in the following room, the doctor begs the nurse to let him out. “I’m begging you. I have more patients, and it seems I have lost the key,” he states.

The nurse replies from behind the glass, “You’re good. Don’t worry. I’ll help you find the key, all right.”

The doctor nods and cries bitterly. “Much like my patients,” he says.

“We’re all mad,” a voice whispers.

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.

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