Care, the Beast

Tick tock the clock strikes all the time.

Caving into chaos, counting the hours.

Oh, counting the minutes that you’re not here.

I am here counting the hours, you see.

I do, I do have a vengeful spirit.

But it does no harm really, it just thinks.

Giddy about erasing you forever.

My smile un-frowns when I forget you.

Oh, the guilt as things become chaotic.

Yes, yes I speak to you spirit of Care.

Yes, such creature, I can hardly bear it.

But I shall embrace that other spirit.

There, here it comes like a king in his crown.

The spirit of “I don’t care anymore.”

Do as you wish you foul spirit of Care.

Ancient times, my mind said, “forget me not.”

Now, I encourage you…no, I implore!

Forget me, forget me repeating these,”

“I don’t care, I don’t care.”

Please, recite them over and over, thrice!

Fool me not, you are the apocalypse,

You see, the end is at hand.

Care no longer reigns in this mind.

You’re the beast devouring my ease.

It’s better to forget, not care.

Psychology might dub me insane.

Oh, friend, then so be it, so be it.

You see, the end is at hand.


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