Fight: Are You Ready?



I sit here listening to my Spotify list.

Trying to gain any kind of bliss or motive.

My motor of life moves towards hopelessness each day.

My faith in humans slowly depletes.

And yes, I want to give up.

My eyelids melt with sleep—

Heavy to remind my humanity—

That I can’t.

Fear recaps daily, “Indeed you will fail. They were all right.”

Sleep nudges softly, “I will embrace you and make you rest.”

Can’t boldly states, “Who said you could?”

Loneliness whispers, “Nobody cares.”

Procrastination stands sure of itself and glares with a sinister smile.

Hard-Work interrupts like a valiant knight and says, “Good, you get tired. Get over it. Now that you understand your humanity, you know what you’re up to.”

Perseverance shouts, “Great little grasshopper. Keep going. Keep fighting.”

Earn-It with a potent voice exclaims to the four winds, “I’m always here waiting for you. You’ll love me when you reach your goal.”

Challenge chuckles before uttering, “The biggest challenge is inside you. Not those who are better or lesser.”

Sacrifice reminds me, “The biggest sacrifice was He who gave His life for his friends. You…you must chase your dreams with all your strength and mind and weakness.”

Opinion adds, “Who cares about their fake utterances and careless kleptomaniacs of dreams.”

Win and Success nod in affirmation and smile at me.

Effort and Discipline interchange looks with Win and Success and also nod with a bold look that could penetrate a lost soul.

Motivation shocks the nerve system, the brain, the mind, and the look of confusion.

Doubt, smoking a cigar, cross-legged, nonchalantly says, “Perhaps you should doubt the doubters, not yourself.”

Fight asks, “Are you ready?”

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2017.


7 thoughts on “Fight: Are You Ready?

  1. A beautiful write Ana on the perceived helplessness at the crossroads …so much dilemmas to liberate from! The fighting spirit begins to falter, weakens day by day ! One door still open, self-belief or self-Love better still a surrender, if at all, to HIM discounting all doership to transcend ahead & fight it out meaningfully, head held high! Loved the intensity ! Blessed times!

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