10 Motivational Quotes #2

As promised, here are the other 10 quotes. Please, feel free to drop off your own motivational quotes, or you can tell me which quote is your favorite. Thank you!

  1. “Successful people don’t always feel like it [that is, following their dreams]. They just do it.”
  2. “So what that life hasn’t gone as planned. It doesn’t for anyone. All that pain is in the past. Do you want to drag that into your future too? Push yourself. Surprise yourself. See how far you can go with your life.”
  3. “You can never find it outside of you [fulfillment].”
  4. “Happiness is always there if choose to focus on finding it. We tend to always look for happiness outside ourselves. Whatever we perceive as reality becomes our reality.”
  5. “Don’t get dragged into the expectations of society. You don’t need this or that to be happy and complete. What you need is always within you. It never goes away. You are complete right now.”
  6. “Find something to be grateful for. Choose to lift others up. Give attention rather than seek it.”
  7. “Just know you have the answers. Trust your intuition….everything will be magical in the end.”
  8. “It’s all within you. It’s called belief. It’s called faith. Faith in yourself. Believe in yourself.”
  9. “Talking is not enough. You must do…you must put in the work. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. It’s called integrity. When you honor your word, you build pride for yourself and respect from others. When you don’t, when you talk to talk and never walk, you lose pride and you lose respect.”
  10. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).


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