10 Motivational Quotes

I have gotten into the habit of either watching motivational videos or listening to motivational speeches on Spotify. I wanted to share a list of quotes that help me feel motivated. They inspire me to embrace and endure the storm. The first one is mine. I also read the Bible so I might toss in a verse in here or the following blog, shortly. Here are the first ten quotes. I will post the other ten in a different post. I try to write short blogs because we all have lives to attend to and can’t read all day long. But please do read both of them–perhaps not today but on a different. Thank you!

Feel free to drop your own quotes!

  1. Just because you work hard, it doesn’t mean you will get rewarded, and yet you must persevere until you to.
  2. “They say I couldn’t…because it hasn’t been done before… I said, ‘So what!’”
  3. “You can make all the excuses in the world. We’ve heard them all. But those who get on in life, leave the excuses and look at the possibilities.”
  4. “Just do it.”
  5. “You have to drop the little story and work toward your masterpiece.”
  6. One chooses the pain forever repeating the reasons why they can’t succeed, why they can’t move on. The other uses the pain as the reason why they must change. They use their pain as strength. They use the people who don’t believe in them as motivation to succeed.”
  7. “When things don’t go their [succesful people] way, they don’t say ‘why me.’ They say, ‘So what!’”
  8. “You failed in your past…So what. Someone did wrong by you…so what.”
  9. “You don’t need them to believe in you. They’re not doing the work, you are…They’re not committed to your dream, you are. They’re not in love with your vision, you are. They don’t define your success. You do.”
  10. “You’re not punishing but yourself with your excuses…you choose to be the victim or the victor.”


13 thoughts on “10 Motivational Quotes

  1. You Can Money, You Can Make Excuses, But You Can’t Make Both!

    I work from home, so I keep some variation of this where I can see it. If I choose to make excuses, I’ll be eating 25-cent Ramen 2X a day 😛

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  2. One of my best quote is ” life has a way telling you alot of things all you need to do is to listen” and “no matter how painful it is, it doesn’t hurt for long”.

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