Dear Writers…

I have one question for you… What does writing mean to you? Or what is it to you?

Have an awesome week. And if you’re struggling with anything, I pray that things get better for you. Hang in there! Many of us are that same boat in one way or another.


I am listening to Toca, Toca by Fly Project. Awesome lively song. If you need a little rhythm to your day, then I definitely recommend this song. Let me know if you like it. Good day.



16 thoughts on “Dear Writers…

  1. Writing means an escape to a world where everything is in my power. Isn’t that something all beings what? We want power and writing makes me feel powerful. Power of emotions and feelings that fill up the paper to write only a world where I’m the creator as well as the destroyer. It means much beyond all my words as a whole.

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  2. What a tough question. Writing to me is like walking on a tightrope. I feel like I’m constantly balancing between my passion to write and the conflicts of the real world.

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  3. To me writing is like healing. It just lets your heart flow out and frees your mind. Your blog is beautiful. Really good writing.Also, I started a blog which features and promotes writers from all over the globe hoping that people could connect through it . I would love to feature your work there. Credits will be given and your page will be mentioned of course. Would love to hear your response. Thanks 🙂

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