Music of the Week #15: Brave Enough

Hello, everyone. I like to share with you some of my favorite music. For this blog, I didn’t choose a song. I chose an album, as I’m sure you noticed from the title, and it’s called Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling. It’s been very rough that last two months, and every time I play this album it helps me calm down. Lindsey is a crazy talented and phenomenal violinist. I love her work. She has several popular singles out there. If popular music isn’t your thing, give the other songs a chance. They’re

The reason I’ve been stressed is that my sister has been ill, and we’re not sure what’s going on. A close friend of mine was with us at the hospital pretty much the whole night when I had to rush her to the emergency room. His visit helped us stay calm and sane. We’re very thankful for that gesture. I’m trying not to get emotional, and yet it’s difficult to see a loved one ill. It’s not easy because you wish you could help somehow or exchange bodies so that they’re no longer in pain. It’s overwhelmingly stressful. On the positive side of all this mess, all her exams returned more than great. stones-2780171_1920.jpg

Tomorrow, we’re seeing a different doctor. He’s an actual doctor but relies a lot on a holistic approach. He has helped me in the past when I had chronic fatigue syndrome & close to having hypoglycemia–among other annoying issues that adversely affected my health years ago. Today, thank God, I’m quite healthy. So we’re praying to God that he can help my younger sister. We’re both in our 30’s. But I still see her as the little sister. It’s a bit of a long drive, but I think it’s worth it.

Let me know if you like Lindsey Stirling. I think she’s amazing. And if you’re a person of prayer, I would be very happy for your prayers. Thank you.

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