Even If Your Knuckles Bleed, Keep Knocking!

Many moons ago, I hated hearing the popular thought process that we must see the positive side in everything. I used to think, “What positive side! Bad is bad!” Now at thirty-four, I finally admit that we do learn from everything and everyone.

Moreover, most people desire to be good, not bad. If they do act ill against us, perhaps it’s not personal. Maybe it’s their values or their set of past experiences that help determine their behavior. Our job is to be the best person possible and to peel layers of the self until we gain maturity and serenity.

When we’re in a storm, it’s impossible to see things clearly—emotions reign and not logic, naturally. I believe in a balance of emotions and logic. Not seeing clearly doesn’t mean that you’re lost or that you won’t ever reach clarity.

However, feeling lost isn’t necessarily a negative state because this is the time to reflect and ask questions. I noticed that often times when we reflect, there’s personal and spiritual growth.


Feeling lost forces you to enter “another realm,” a world of questions and doubts. This world leads to answers and solutions that never crossed your mind because you are in the territory of the unknown. Not knowing means you learn.

Why is this happening? How did it happen? What can I do? What should I do? Now what? What are my options? Is it my fault? Why or why not? These questions continue until you think outside the box.

Living a life of the known means that we don’t grow or learn. There are no doubts, questions, or answers. It just is. In the lostness, there’s room for the creativity and critical thinking engine to kick in. You have to trust that everything happens for a reason.

The storm always goes away. New doors open. But you must continue knocking, even if it’s a thousand doors later. Keep learning and growing. Continue knocking even if your knuckles bleed. Knock.

How do you cope when you feel lost & or confused?

©Ana P. Rose & Anaprose 2018



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