Not Ready for Encouragement (4 min. read)

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re starting your week on a positive note. If not, hang in there!

A quick post on a topic that has been circulating my mind. When people are so used to being told garbage and negative things, it makes them uncomfortable to hear, “You can do it.”

Why? Because either society or a person has helped wire their brain to believe they are worthless. I have had supportive family and friends, though quite scarce, who have motivated me. However, family, friends, peers, or other types of people have put me down–in more than one occasion.

As we all know, the haters or the negative voices drown one positive comment or the one supportive person who believes in you. I was part of that bunch that paid attention to these heinous voices until one day I said, “Wait a minute. These people don’t pay my bills. They don’t feed me. They’re not there for me when I most need emotional support.” I had enough of those voices. I pushed them out of my mind. No more living in my mind with “free rent.” smiley-2979107_1920

Listening to negative voices intoxicate you with lies. When you’re intoxicated, you cannot think straight. I had to sober mind off from these people who don’t even know me. But I realized something: when I was in a state of negativity, any type of positive comment infuriated me. I thought, “What happened is shit. Don’t tell me it isn’t when it is.”

I would get frustrated when things didn’t work my way. Now, I’ve learned to appreciate order and chaos, which is the reason I write about it a lot. We kind of need both to discover true growth and reach maturity. And as much as I hated to see the good side of something, I couldn’t because my mind was not ready.

Definitely, when things go wrong, there’s something that God is telling me. He’s guiding me to a place as I walk blindly, fearfully, and yet trusting. I am not sure how correct I am in this following action or not but when I sense that a person is insecure about hearing words of encouragement and positive reinforcement, I stop. Why? Because their mind isn’t ready. I know I wasn’t. They need that chaos in order to reach a type of order or enlightenment. I think so anyway. But I could be wrong.

What say you? Please feel free to leave your comments below.  Thank you. 🙂




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2 thoughts on “Not Ready for Encouragement (4 min. read)

  1. I suspect many people don’t know when they are ready. In my case, it dawned on me one day that the person most responsible for telling me I was worthless had been dead for eleven years. I had my WTH moment and realized I could cut the loop tape they left playing in my head and move on. The difference was amazing. The only person who can hold me back now is me.
    Great post!

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    1. Wow, that’s an interesting story you got there. And yes, it’s difficult to shake those voices away. As odd as it is, we have to be ready to accept a new mentality. Thank you for your comment. ☺ 🌹


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