Who Is this Fiend?

You know that tickling and unexplainable feeling right in the middle of the chest?

That feeling that caresses the heart.

An angsty friend warning your every step and thought.

You wonder, “Is it a friend or a fiend.” Faith certainly is my friend.

But who is this fiend who visits my mind to worry it? It excites my nerves.

The heart palpitations knock anxiously. The stomach joins the feast of such nerves.

Loved ones ill. Career at its end. The future uncertain.

But faith is my friend. The heavy breaths give me this airy feeling my head.

I have to act strong. Put on this face to believe that I can.

But faith is my friend. God is my strong tower.


All rights reserved ©Ana P. Rose 2018


4 thoughts on “Who Is this Fiend?

  1. “For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.” PSALM 31:3 King David, when he wrote this, was extremely fearful of his enemies and skeptical of God’s presence, yet he was able to call upon his “rock and fortress”. Me too. He rocks.

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