Updates For My Book In Progress

Hello, everyone. If you read my blog https://anaprose.com/2018/07/05/i-give-up/ you’ll know that I have decided to look for a new career. At this point, I’m researching, and I am trying to meditate and pray about my path.board-2433978_1920.jpg

I have also had time to get back to my writing. As most of you know, I am writing a book. My education and work have interfered with my attention to my book and writing overall. It’s no excuse. When you want something done, then you need to find the time for it. Well, now, I definitely have time. So here is a general overview of my progress. I’ve answered this one in the blog before this one. But here it is again anyway:

What’s your book about?  My book is an obese woman who struggles with an eating disorder. She’s finally made up her mind to lead a healthy lifestyle and change her mentality. Of course, changing her lifestyle and mentality come with some challenging demons who will try to keep her from her goals at all costs. The book does have comic relief, and yet it touches on the subject of eating disorders.

How many chapters? 19 completed, and I am working on the 20th chapter tonight.

How many pages? 126 plus pages Microsoft office pages, doubled indention.

How many words? Over 37, 520 plus words.

How many words left? I have between 40,000 to 50,000 words left in my story.

Thank you for reading my blogs, and for your encouragement and comments. I appreciate it a lot. It makes my day!



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