What’s Another Stripe On A Tiger?

Have you ever had that look of the doubt from a person basically saying, “Are you crazy?” In my case, and I’m sure I’ve blogged about this look before, people look at me like I am crazy when I say, “I am writing a book.” Those doubtful eyes make me laugh now, not in a petty way. It makes me laugh because writing a book is daring. I know thousands embark on this writing journey. Some “make it” and others “don’t,” regardless if the writer is a good or bad writer.

I finally woke up one day and said, “Who cares if I ‘make it’ or not. I want to write a book, period.” The looks of doubt don’t really bother me anymore. I get it. Many people don’t even attempt to follow a daring dream because it scares them. I’ve been there. I know.

When you think about it, what harm is there in trying? If you succeed, whatever that means anyway, then awesome! If you don’t, will you die? I mean, maybe, it’ll destroy you a bit. Nonetheless, to have the courage to do something out of the ordinary takes guts. Nobody dies because they failed at something. Nothing happens. You fail. Learn from it. Embrace the emotions that come with failure, and then move on.

There is this other look of doubt that kind of still bothers me. It’s the look of anger and “How dare you.” I usually think, “This is my life, my path, and I have to make the best of it. Aren’t they doing the same?”

At this point, I have struggled so much in life that I really don’t have anything left but to be daring: Doors closed in my face and people who mock me. There’s a Guatemalan saying when it comes to misfortunes or bad luck: “What’s another stripe on a tiger? Go for it.” This actually makes me laugh. It’s true. And the metaphor is astounding, becoming a tiger, the eye of the tiger, in your misfortunes.

More than ever, I will fight even harder. With the help of God, I know I’ll get to where I need to be. It’s all about faith, and not getting bitter or angry in the process. It’s about learning and peeling into the right person each day, and it’s about following the right path. Some paths, even though they seem right for us, they’re not. So we need to be in touch with our self in soul, spirit, and mind. We must scrutinized our life to find truth and light.

You bet I’m listening to “Eye Of The Tiger” while writing this blog. Thank you, everyone, for your support. As always, I appreciate it.


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