I Must Have Faith

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort. I’m one not to write when I feel down. This year of 2018 has been a year of illness within my family. Thank God, I’ve stayed healthy and strong. It helps to keep strong for my family.

For me, my struggles have dealt mostly with my career. After several attempts at becoming a high school teacher, I finally left that thought behind. I have also tried to be a college professor. But those doors closed too. I’m not saying these are entirely dead choices. For now, they are on pause though.

In spite of all these stressful dilemmas in life, I have been focused on my writing. Where is this road leading me? I don’t know. I have decided to let life happen as it comes to me and to trust God. There are those who think that I am lazy and that I am not serious about life and work. But they are blind to my struggles. typewriter-894720_1920.jpg

As crazy as it sounds, I have confidence and faith that I will be successful. Good things take time, especially when you have high expectations. Other paths can lead to money, but I am not interested in those paths. I am enjoying this struggle because I want to one day tell someone, “Don’t worry, it gets better. Have faith.”

We need more people helping and believing in others. Positive actions and speech to those stuck in a hole. I’ve encountered more people unwilling to help but wishing me the best. They know about my difficulties. Yet, they are willing to say, “Let me help you with a job since you have the education and references.” Instead, they wish me the best. Somehow these people go home sleep peacefully.

At some point in life, those who are on top and have the power to help think, “I struggle. So should you.” I believe that battles in life build character. However, you don’t hinder a person’s character by helping them either.

I keep mental notes on the type of person I don’t want to be. I also take notes on my own person on the things I need to change. As my writing improves and as I advance in my story, I know God will provide the right people to help me edit and publish my book. I have faith.

I must not let the cruel and wicked people taint my heart. I have to be brave to forgive and learn that things happen for a reason. Everything will come together. In the meantime, I know I have a lot to grow spiritually, mentally, and as a writer. hand-2593743_1920.jpg

As an end note, I like where my story is going. I finally have a base, and my characters slowly grow and develop as I write them. I am happy with where I am at. I believe I am at 50,000 words. I have about 40,000 to 50,000 words to go depending on where I want to end the story.

Definitely, a cliffhanger sounds like an excellent idea for me to prepare the sequel and if possible, a trilogy.  After I am done with the first book, I will be contacting the agent who showed interest in my work. I hope it works out. If not, I will prepare about a 1,000 proposals until someone accepts my work.


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