Interpersonal Communication

A phenomenon I’ve noticed among many people, but not all. People are grateful for different things. For instance, when you give them money, a present, or anything that is tangible. Who isn’t thankful about that? I know I am.stop-1971756_1920

There are other types of gifts that you give a person: your time, your ears when they need to talk about their issues, moral support, encouragement, and your presence overall especially during difficult times. Very few reciprocate such actions. They forget that professionals like counselors or therapists exist. You pay them, and they listen. You hope that they can help you figure out issues, whatever those may be.

When a loved one or a friend dedicate time to your problems, that’s called caring. They do it for free without any other thought in mind. Nonetheless, these are the actions the most people turn a blind eye, people forget and are ungrateful about it.

Most people and I’ve been guilty of this one, hear your problems, and they want to give you a solution. “Bam, there you go. Solved!” or they might say, “Stay positive. Everything will work out.” It’s still a great statement because things do get better. However, at times, a person needs you to listen. crowd-3513215_640

I took a few interpersonal communication classes, and I like to read about it in my spare time. I am no expert on the matter. But many people lack interpersonal communication skills; these are key to have healthy relationships of all kinds like at work, school, at home, etc. The skills aren’t about education or being intelligent. All types of people can lack these skills.

Here’s one definition of interpersonal communication skills Interpersonal: “Communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages: it is face-to-face communication.” We convey messages even through non-verbal communications.pixel-cells-3702061_1280.png

Communication is reciprocal. It’s not one avenue. It builds people. I believe that if you dedicate time to friends and loved ones but if they don’t reciprocate, I don’t think this is positive. Loved ones and friends should be present both great and challenging times. But if it’s onesided, it’s probably time to walk away, especially if they didn’t show appreciation for what you’ve done for them because they only see their actions.

There’s a difference between a toxic person and someone who is going through a rough patch. Overall, we need to understand that there’s always room for improvement. We aren’t the holders of truth and perfect actions. Sometimes, we can self-asses.

I’m a big fan of inner reflection and changing negative characteristics and bad habits that harm relationships. Self-love is important. But it’s also important to be empathic to the needs of those we care. It’s simple and complicated at the same. It takes dedicating a bit of time from our busy schedules. Here’s a list for the characteristics of interpersonal communication. I provided the link as well. Thank you. women-3452067_1280.jpg

  • Give and collect information.
  • Influence the attitudes and behavior of others.
  • Form contacts and maintain relationships.
  • Make sense of the world and our experiences in it.
  • Express personal needs and understand the needs of others.
  • Give and receive emotional support.
  • Make decisions and solve problems.
  • Anticipate and predict behavior.
  • Regulate power.

Let me know your thoughts on all this, please.

2 thoughts on “Interpersonal Communication

  1. This is a super topic. I think you could do follow-up posts on communication with examples of healthy and unhealthy communication. You could talk about active listening and so on. BTW – typo 🙂 self-assess is the word you probably meant.
    We all want to help our friends, and men especially in my opinion can be fixers and when someone is sick with serious illness, we are uncertain how to respond. Women with their empathy skills better than men can share a hug and hold a hand easier than some men. Another post seed?

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    1. I had to go through a different way to reply to you. I couldn’t for some reason. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Also, thanks for tht typo. I hate those! And I hadn’t thought about a continuation for it. But I will definitely try to think about what to add to it. And yes, you’re right. Women tend to be more empathic than men in many cases. Perhaps because men have other ways of showing it? 🌹


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