A Little Ill

About a week ago my family urged me to go to the emergency room. I had been complaining about chest pains. I thought, maybe it could be my heart. Well, thank God, it turned out my heart is more than healthy. The doctor told me it was an ulcer. I decided to read about what causes an ulcer. Most research agrees that it is not necessarily due to stress.

Some ulcers are “related to the use of NSAIDs or aspirin are typically healed with drugs that potently suppress the production of stomach acid called the proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). If a person can discontinue their NSAID or aspirin, a 10 — to 12 — week course of PPI therapy is sufficient to heal the ulcer.” Of course, I still need to talk to my primary doctor. The research makes sense to me. Growing up, mainly throughout high school, I experienced severe sinus headaches. They lasted about a week. It was torture. Thank God, I no longer suffer from any type of sinus headaches.

Another issue I have noticed is that when anything stressful occurs my stomach begins to hurt. So I’ve been practicing to let go of insignificant things that don’t deserve my energy. I want to heal as soon as possible. I’ve also been experiencing insomnia for a couple of weeks. I only sleep about 2 to 3 hours a night. I then throughout the whole day feel overwhelmed and exhausted. The tiredness and insomnia are due to the hypothyroidism.

I was diagnosed with both an ulcer and hypothyroidism. I’m not a depressed person. However, because I am exhausted, it makes me feel depressed. I don’t feel like going out or interacting with people. I mainly feel like, “I don’t feel like listening to your bullshit.” I haven’t felt like visiting or seeing anyone. It’s like, “I couldn’t possibly care any less.” And this is terrible because I am not like that. This year my mother got severely ill, my sister also got sick, and a lot has been going on. Despite all these issues, both my mother and sister have shown signs of progress. So that makes me feel much happier. We are trying to stay hopeful and positive.

About a week after the emergency room, yesterday on Saturday night, I managed to fight through the exhaustion. I forced myself to jump on the stationary bike, and I worked out lightly for about 45 minutes. I took an Emergen-C which is full of vitamin C and B, and it helps to boost energy. I also drank a bit over 45 or more ounces of water. Last night I was finally able to sleep 5 hours straight. I probably would have slept my usual 6 to 7 hours had my little dogs not woken me around 7 am. I could tell the difference already. My mind was more alert, and my mood improved. Today, in the morning, I jumped on the stationary bike for 20 minutes. I will finish the rest later to reach 45 minutes total.

All in all, with all the health issues I have witnessed or experienced myself, I realized how much we take our health for granted. If you’re healthy, make sure it stays like that. Take care of your nutrition and please try to get some physical activity going. It’s not fun to be ill. I hate it. I’m working hard, and the doctor said I shouldn’t worry much because I can be okay in a matter of a couple months. I’m thankful to God it’s nothing serious, and I can become healthy within months. For now, it feels never-ending, and it will take hard work. But I must endure it, learn from it, and have faith.


What Causes Ulcers?