The End of the World

I’ve been keeping up with the news in the last few weeks. It was mainly due because I was sick, and I couldn’t do much. I concluded the news and social media are toxic if you don’t stay away from it enough.

In America, as we all know it, we have intense political division. The country is severely divided, and everyone is passionate about their ideas. We also have many tragedies, like the California fires. I live in California by the way. But I don’t live anywhere near where the fires wreaked havoc.

Globally, a lot of tragedies are happening. To name one, the “invasion of the Hondurans.” That’s what they call in Mexico and the United States. There are sources, a quick google search will lead you to it, that claim American human rights activists paid thousands of Hondurans to head the United States. In Mexico, the residents witnessed many busses dropping them off in the middle of the night. Why did this happen? I am not sure. Many Mexican residents strongly oppose the invasion while others are trying their best to help.


In the acting and music industry, Gina Rodriguez and Gabrielle Union agree that white actresses get paid more, then African, then Asians, and then Latinas.  The theme trended, and I found out that Afro-Latinos feel underrepresented.

What I noticed is that we have so much division even among the smaller communities. It’s terrible. People are passionately angry and outraged. Honestly, it’s a little bit scary. The media doesn’t do anything to help the matter. They keep exciting these emotions, and I think we’re going to reach a breaking point.

We no longer have outlets to escape social and political problems. It used to be sports—where the colors of your team matter the most—a two-hour break from all the chaos. Or it was entertainment like a movie or a concert.  But we don’t have that anymore. Everything is politicized. We have friends on our social media posting either their liberal or conservative views. it’s inescapable. Family and friends cut ties because of their differences.

As a society, we cannot manage to find a middle ground. In fact, if you are part of the people who can understand both sides, you’re still an enemy. You must be on one side or the other. To me, quite frankly, it is madness. I don’t know how we got to this point. It scares me.

I acknowledge that racism, prejudice, stereotypes, and sexism exist. I am also aware that we have evil in this world, and many humans fall slaves of it. There are good and bad people all over the world in every country and culture.

My point, I don’t know if we can go back to normality. It’s regrettable and sad. That means, we have to try 3x harder to not give in to any type of hate or anger. It takes 3x more prayer and meditation to find peace within. Is it easy? No. But we must try. That means we must be more forgiving because we are all living in a world full of anger and chaos. It can break anyone at any point. Be cautious. Be forgiving. And disconnect more often than not– advice, firstly, for me. In many ways, it feels very much like the end of the world.




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