Job Hunting…Sighs…

Hello, everyone. I’ve been lagging on my blog a bit, and I hate it. But I am on the hunt for a job. I mentioned a while back that I made a small investment. I sale scented lamps and oils. Here’s the link Scented Lamps & Oils: World R Investments, LLC. I’ll post pictures throughout so that you may have an idea, and I only sell in the USA. I’m still working on websites for my small business. Any ideas, please leave me a comment below.

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I decided to find a full-time job to add to what I am doing. Job hunting is incredibly difficult and frustrating. Your application gets drowned in so many applications. I did some research on why it’s so hard to find a job, and it seems I’m not the only one having a hard time.

This week two different companies reached out for interviews. I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’ve also mentioned that I have a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English. I have experience working as an English tutor at my local community college. I worked with one student at time and with groups. I tutored through online. Up until April I worked as a Substitute teacher, teacher’s aid, proctor, and manage students after school grades K-12.

I know for a fact the students and teachers loved my work because I’m a hard worker, and I really enjoy work. Since I’m writing a book, which by the way, I have about 53,000 words! Yay. Anyway, I have social media marketing skills. Due to my education I have strong verbal and written skills, including strong communicating skills.

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I have done other things. But it’s been incredibly difficult. If you’re thinking, “reach out to your friends.” Nope, no one that I know has any connection for me. I’ve mention to other people that I am looking to work, and I don’t mind starting from the bottom. But no one has given me an opportunity.

I do have strong letters of recommendation, and even those haven’t helped. However, I am still grateful to them.

Here’s another issue. With my Master’s degree I can work at a community college as a an English teacher. The problem is that in the university and college world, they mainly hire adjunct teachers, which is like a part-time, and most don’t offer dental, health, or 401k. It’s a big problem.

Now, I can work at more than one community college. But the problem is that I live in the high desert where everything is like 45 minutes away, plus add when traffic is bad. It can be up to an hour in traffic. I don’t mind the commute. If I take the gasoline in consideration, I’d be barely making any money. If lived in a different place in California, I wouldn’t mind working at more than one college until I earned my full-time position.

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I don’t know what 2019 will bring for me. I hope that I obtain an opportunity to reach my full potential. It’s discouraging when no one thinks you deserve a chance, even people you know. But it has to be for a reason, right? I think so. I don’t give up. Naturally, I am a human being, and I do get disappointed at times. But I don’t like a negative state. I like to stay positive.

I have a second interview tomorrow morning. I wrote this blog quickly as possible. Hopefully, it doesn’t have too many errors. Thank you for your time, and I’ll leave you with one more picture below.

By the way, I’m open to suggestions. If you notice anything that I might be doing wrong in my job hunting, let me know. I accept constructive criticism. Or any ideas. I live in California in the San Bernardino county.

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Have an awesome week. Stay positive! 🙂

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